Basic Partnership offer

Making money online with Affiliate Program just got a lot easier.

We based a business platform that will unite a lot of services necessary for modern business. BEEQB is obliged to take a worthy place in the world economy. Implementation of our mission is impossible without information and technical support. We invite to cooperation creators of content and developers.


The BEEQB partnership program is aimed at creating a high-quality information field about BEEQB. Once you place the affiliate link on your resources, you will receive 30% of all payments made by the users invited by you. Your reward will be accrued to you without any time limit.
Also, every month we form a rating of partners with a prize fund:

  • 1. Place #3: 100 BEE
  • 2. Place #2: 200 BEE
  • 3. Place #1: 400 BEE

We want to pay you for the development of plugins and projects using the BeeWallet API.

  • 1. Integration BeeWallet into existing / own product: 2000 BEE
  • 2. Plug-in development for CMS: 1000 BEE
  • 3. Plug-in development for CRM: 1500 BEE
  • 4. BeeWallet-based service development: 10000 BEE
  • 5. Opensource solution: +500 BEE

Build in your application affiliate link and earn an additional 30% of the user's payments.
Register your development and get a well-deserved reward.

  • Q: Where I can get my referral link?

    Open BeeWalletBot > "Your Personal Wallet" > Settings > Referrals
    Your link looks like:

  • Q: How soon I will receive a reward

    The reward is paid each month, but not less than $100.

  • Q: I integrated the BeeWallet API into a corporate product, but I can not send you a link to it. Will I get a reward?

    Yes of course. Take a video of how BeeWallet works in your product, publish a video on YouTube and register your development with the link above.

  • Q: I posted an affiliate link on my website, how long will I receive the rewards from invited users?


  • Q: In order to receive a reward, will I have to give you the right to use it?

    No. Your intellectual property remains your property forever. We pay you a fee without additional licensing requirements, posting logos, etc.

  • Q: Do you provide marketing support for solutions developed using your API?

    Absolutely. Also, we recommend our partners to use applications that are developed using the BEEQB API.

  • Q: Remuneration is paid from all payments of the invited user?

    Remuneration is paid based on the profits that brought you user platform. For example, buying goods from our business partners does not bring profit to the platform. Bidding on the exchange, payment of internal services is the profit of the platform, 30% of which will be paid to you.

Key Policy Areas

BEEQB's API is simple yet distinct, making it an ideal starting point for your project whether it be a basic family office site, or high load international service.

Fairness & Equality

With rich functionals and notification service and a robust suite of options, BEEQB makes building feature-heavy projects simple and enjoyable.

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Environmental Sustainability

Drastically reduce the time it takes to move from initial concept to production-ready with BeeWallet and BEEQB APIs. Your clients will love you for it!

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Innovation & Leadership

Our customers love the comfort that comes with free support. Our dedicated support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient.

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