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An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and enduring technology products


We have fully-functionally Bitcoin wallet which works on Telegram. Next steps are iOS, Android and Desktops apps, ETH, USD, BCH, LTC integrations.

BeeWallet Corp

Business wallet is fully-featured now. You can create company, add rolled users. Powerful API help you to integrate BeeWallet to any software.


Retail payment terminal with barcode reader, catalog of goods and powerful analytics jump start your sales and save a lot of your money.


Cryptocurrency exchange with low fee is very important part of BEEQB ecosystem. Easy multycrypto and fiat currency deposit and withdraw are the best features of BeeX.


Medium and big businesses needs fast exchange of huge amounts of money with no delay. BeeX BIZ based exactly for that companies. Trusted traders and no exchange rates looses make you stronger.


Blockchain based All-in-One business management system with world best analytics boost every unit in your business chain and help you earn more and more every month.

Project and Resource management

are our strong forces

Launched BeeX
— Early May, 2018

With next pairs: BTC to FIAT (USD, EUR, RUB), ETH to FIAT (USD, EUR, RUB), ETH to BTC.

BeeX ERC-20 tokens supported
— Latest May, 2018

Low listing fee will add more liquidity for trading.

BeeX API opened
— Latest May, 2018

BeePOS Launched
— Latest June, 2018

BeeX OTC Launched
— Latest June, 2018

BeeX - Exchange-as-a-Service software production-ready
— Early July, 2018

Everyone can create own exchange or dedicate exchanger with BeeX EaaS. It's really easy, just install like a Wordpress.

BeeSiness v.GoldMaster
— Q3, 2018

BeeX Trading Terminal ready
— Q3, 2018

iOS, Android and Desktop applications ready for use.

BeeSiness Launched
— Q4, 2018

Over 50k companies use BeeWallet Corp
— Q4, 2018

BEEQB Multithread Blockchain v.Public Beta
— Q4, 2018

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