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Unlocking the legal cryptocurrency payments for global market economy.

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a cryptocurrency infrastructure solution for real business.

Sergey Glukhota

Hello, my name is Sergey Glukhota. I am a business consultant with over 17 years of experience. Over the years of my work I have developed more than 20 business management techniques and received 12 European patents.

I based BeeQB, because I dream that every company in the world, a large corporation or a small souvenir shop, could legally accept crypto currency for payment in a simple, quick and non-waste way. I sincerely believe that the crypto currencies are the future of the world economy. However, despite their popularity on the market, there are no solutions that make settlements in the crypto currency legal for the business and the clients. This is the platform I base. For internal transactions the system will use the BEEQB tokens (BEE).

In addition to the function of the payment terminal BEEQB, also, is an complexed business ecosystem. It combines three layouts: a business management system, a platform for inter-corporate communication and a payment service for settlements in the crypto currency. For internal payments will use the BEEQB tokens.

We already have the beta version and we have landed our first customers. More than 140 companies have already tested our system.

Buy the BEEQB tokens (BEE), and you will help to make legal crypto-currency settlements affordable for everyone.

Market & Industry

In the world there are about 500 million companies, which every day commit trade operations to trillions of dollars. According to Bloomberg, only 100,000 companies, including Microsoft, Tesla, Valve and DELL, use crypto currency for settlements. And only, 15,000 companies all over the world legally accept payment for their goods and services.

We are talking about the fact that with the growing popularity of crypto currency, the crypto are a means of settlement between people and are not suitable for use in business.

The situation is exacerbated by the lack of a technological solution that could make using crypto currency as simple as fiat money.

How to make a business use a crypto currency, and we all could pay for it in a store or a gas station?

How does BEEQB works

We develop BeeQB - a universal platform for managing the business of trade in goods and services, based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. Our service will allow companies around the world, with minimal costs and expenses, to legally accept the crypto currency for payment for their goods and services. And all this in one click. The technology of blockchain will ensure 100% safety and will become a universal link in the trade between companies from around the world. The main currency of a free market economy will be a BEE.

Current market

1. Payments with cash

At the same time, the company loses from encashment, crediting funds to the account, hidden and public bank payments, which ultimately becomes a reason of price increasing of the goods.

On each such transaction, the company loses up to 9% of the value of the goods.

2. Non-cash payments

In the case of a classic trading operation, the client's money passes through a large number of intermediaries (the card issuing bank, the payment receiving bank, the processing center, etc.), each of which "plucks out" its part of the transaction amount. At the same time, the receipt of funds to the company account can be from 18 to 240 hours.

On each such transaction, the company loses up to 75% of the profit.

3. Cryptocurrency payments

With the cryptocurrency everything is different. Today, there is no store where prices are quoted in Bitcoin. Therefore, the buying process looks like this:

Seller can make a mistake in the rate calculations, transaction can be failed, your phone can lose connection or you can be out of internet… There are many reasons to use cryptocurrency payments with great care.

Payments with BEE (BEEQB coin)

In the BeeQB we changed the principle of route of transactions. When the seller asks necessity amount from buyer. That is, in order to seller receive "0.33BTC", the seller should set a stable payment terminal. Like it works in Visa. In order to do this, we need to develop a new currency with a new consensus and a new paradigm of application. A currency that would combine all the best from cash and electronic money and would be deprived of their weaknesses. That’s why we’re developing BEE.



Attract more customers by taking
paymentin Bitcoin and BEE.

E - C O M M E R C E

Increase the number of your customers
by 7 million by taking payments
with Bitcoin & BEE.

B 2 B

Conclude contracts, pay bargains,
and trade around the world with
confidence in your safety.

Cheaper than cheap

Traditional payment services take up to 15 different type of fees. With a transaction fee ranging from 2% to 10%. By using the BEE, BEEQB will have one fee only: a transaction fee of 0.1%.

On every $100 of transaction

With standart mining fee

Faster fast

Any payment system offers you to force your customers to wait for confirmation of payment from 15 seconds to 1 hour. And makes you wait for your money from 1 to 14 days. In BEEQB, the transaction amount is credited to you in 1.84 seconds.

Make your business "green"

When making transactions in BEEQB, the client does not need to keep checks and guarantee coupons. The smart contract of the transaction already contains the rules of the deals in the local jurisdiction, the guarantee obligations and the detailed description of the deal. The seller reduces transaction costs, thereby increasing profits to 9%.

Save the planet! Give up the millions of tons of waste paper that stores and offices generate. All information about the trade will always be kept in the blockchain.

Use cases

For Retail

BEEQB will help you manage sales, warehouse balances, plan employees' working hours, manage virtual cash desks (POS terminals), accept cash, non-cash and crypto-currency payments. Manage the assortment, plan sales and purchases of goods, promptly identify cash gaps. A powerful loyalty system will allow you to issue discount cards, accrue bonuses and work with customer deposits. And the management reporting and the automatic accounting reporting will allow to raise considerably efficiency of the business and your profit. You do not need to buy a cash register or a terminal for payment. BEEQB works on any device running macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS or Android.

For eCommerce

BEEQB is designed for business with unique needs. Simple and quick integration of the commodity catalog into the site, calculation of the cost of logistics, customer's personal cabinet, discounts, sales, promotional codes and payment acceptance, including in Bitcoin and BEE, are already working. Blockchain deals include all the warranty and post-warranty obligations of the seller, it is impossible to violate the rights of the consumer, because all this is "wired up" into a smart contract. And most importantly, we get unimaginable opportunities for marketing your brand. Your task is to make money. BEEQB will do the rest.

For B2B

Management of contracts, accounts receivable and accounts payable, automatic creation, sending and payment of incoming invoices. Possibility of sale by installments and credit, possibility of integration of CRM and ERP systems and client-bank. The corporate blockchain is stored wherever you want and only authorized employees have access to it. Full freedom in setting up the application and absolute security of commercial data. BEEQB gives unimaginable quality of business management at the most affordable price.

For big business

A large company uses up to 50 disparate business applications. This results in data loss, erroneous business analysis and losses of billions of dollars annually. The lack of secure data transmission channels within the company is the biggest breach in the security of commercial data. BEEQB contains all the necessary functions for business management and a universal data import tool that will allow you to unite all company data in BEEQB.

We are developing a unique business module that will allow holding companies to manage all incorporated businesses, respond quickly to crisis situations and effectively implement the company's financial policies. Thanks to the module "Holding" and "Management Company" you will be able to conduct high-precision forecasting of profits and losses and manage financial balances. But, most importantly, at any moment, without the help of financial advisers and analysts, you will be able to find out how profitable your company is, how profitable each business of your holding is.

For family office

Are you a small company in which the main CRM system is an Excel file? We know for sure that BEEQB will appeal to you: accessing 24x7 data from anywhere in the world, managing multi-currency accounts, making calls, sending letters, invoices, assigning tasks, scheduling projects - all this is built into BEEQB and you get all this for $4.99 / month.

For the TOP manager

We have great news for the busiest people in the company: We created one report, which in 5 seconds (based on the analysis) makes it possible to understand how well things are going in your company. Engage in business development. The rest is taken care of by BEEQB.

For HR

BEEQB will allow you to hire and fire employees, specify personal and group KPIs, plan holidays and work schedules for employees, calculate salaries and bonuses, create complex systems of staff motivation and, of course, identify employees of worthy career growth. Only BEEQB provides all the necessary tools for managing the most important business asset - employees. Conclude smart contracts, pay salaries in crypto currency and forget about paperwork and Excel.

For the Accountant

BEEQB knows exactly where your money is. BEEQB knows exactly how successful your company is. We know for sure that only BEEQB can form financial statements, point out possible points of profit growth, predict a breakeven point, make a profit and loss forecast for the year, and allow it to invest in the future of the company.

For Marketologist

Automatic sales funnels, planning and analysis of off-line and on-line marketing campaigns, marketing budgeting, work with marketing services providers are all BEEQB. And yet, it's more than 40 business metrics that will help achieve maximum marketing efficiency.

46 important business metrics and this is just the beginning

For the Seller

BEEQB is an incredibly powerful sales management system. Together with BEEQB, you always know which product is selling well, and which one you can exclude, which customer brought the most profit, and which audience buys less. You can make a sales plan for each seller in "money" or commodity units, you can prohibit the seller to sell certain categories of goods. But, most importantly, you have never had a powerful assistant who works to increase the company's profits and turnover. BEEQB, in automatic mode, make a sales plan for the year, predicts the stock balances, based on comprehensive statistics will help to correctly compose a permanent and seasonal range and choose the most effective channels of promotion. BEEQB will help you earn more.

For Supplier

When you and your client are working in BEEQB, the procedure for ordering, paying and delivering the goods stops worrying you. When the customer has finished the goods, the purchasing manager simply indicates the desired quantity of the goods and the delivery date. BEEQB confirms the possibility of delivery on the specified date. Everything happens automatically. You receive an order, payment under the terms of the smart contract, the order is confirmed by the manager and an order is created for the shipment of the goods to the client. Grow your business. BEEQB take care of everything else.

For Partners

A powerful interface for creating smart contracts will create a contract for any, even the most unusual arrangements, without the need for programming. A personal blockchain with the Proof-of-Event function will take care of the execution of the contract and will warn if the partner has difficulties with the implementation of the agreement. You do not need lawyers and notaries, you need to choose the terms of the contract and sign it with your partner.

For You and Your Family

Each BEEQB user has his own, personal blockchain, which contains all the necessary information: about financial means, about transactions, about contracts and contracts. This blockchain is with you and no one, without your permission, does not have access to it. Also, you have a wallet on which your money is stored. BEEQB is designed to protect your anonymity and security even when you sign a contract for employment or obtaining a loan. You can create a group blockchain by adding members of your family to it. You can give access to your wallet by setting limits on costs and purchasing "allowed" goods. You can finally manage your life on your own, anonymously and safely. BEEQB is just a tool of freedom created by crypto fans for the whole world.

Over 140 companies are already registered


DEC 28

The most secure BTC wallet launched

FEB 24

BEEQB v.0.0 started


Bitcoin merchant launched

MAR 27

ETH + ERC20 wallet launched

APR 15

POS terminal launched

APR 30

Android & iOS app launched

We are here

MVP + Beta

Stage #1


Stage #2


Stage #3

Implementation of the development plan

Stage #4

BEEQB accepts in 60 countries

Stage #5

10 month of development


Hard Cap $42 500 000

Involve over 1 000 000 b2b clients over the world
Q2 2019

BEE - world cryptocurrency, accepted for payment in 300k stores
Q2 2020

Token Functionality

BEEQB token is the only currency used across BeeQB platform. Every purchase, sale, exchange or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of BEEQB. It will be used across the BeeQB, and will not be limited by the platform in the future. BEEQB will be used:

— As a currency for online and offline purchases / sales of goods and services;

— Delivering the sales commission to the owners of the rights on property;

— Buying premium accounts for wholesale and individual sellers;

— Purchasing BigData analytics.

Token Sale

Start date: November 28, 2017
End date: December 22, 2017

Number of tokens: 58,750,000
Tokens for sales: 50,000,000
Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCC

Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 0.01 BTC
Maximum transaction amount: limited by hard cap
Additional tokens emission: impossible

The BEEQB tokens will be sent to the User’s personal respective cryptocurrency wallet by the end of BeeQB TokensSale.

BEEQB's Crew

Sergey Glukhota

CEO | BeeQB's founder

Dmitriy Kazak


Olga Berezinchuk


German Pavlov

RUS Expansion

Katya Barrow

Communication manager

Dmitriy Sablin

Community manager

BEEQB's Advisers

Oleg Khovayko

Blockchain and security Advisor
CTO, EmerCoin

Michael Spoerri

Customer Relationship Advisor
Client Collaboration Solutions, UBS

Stefen Gold

Neural network development Advisor
IBM Watson Solutions, VP IBM

Dimitriy Goustchinski

Tech development and Blockchain Advisor

Joshua Clow

Marketing & PR Advisor
Technical Director, BPlan4U

Paul Francis

Investment Consultant & Adviser
Blockchain, ICO, Digital and Crypto Currency Enthusiast

Aleksandr Stepanov

Retail Integration Advisor
CRM & Account Director at AiLove

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Token Sale structure

Principle of token distribution, bonuses and bounty of BeeQB

Token distribution


token sale Contributors

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Some answers for some questions

BEEQB - SaaS blockchain infrastructure for business. This means that we will earn on the integration of the service to our customers and a monthly subscriber fee. Also, a significant volume of profit will be the deductions from transactions and the conversion interest for crypto currency in Fiat.

Buying tokens on the ICO provides three advantages:
1. Big fees will ensure a quick access to large exchanges and a high volume of trades;
2. Supporting the brand strategy of the token and, as a consequence, increasing the token's value for an extended period.
3. Getting the maximum amount of bonuses and, as a result, a big profit when trading on the exchange.

No. We did not use the Escrow. BEEQB already has a beta and the attraction of Escrow will only slow the implementation of the project's road map. Also it is worth saying that Escrow is not a free service. We believe that investments in Escrow are erroneous investments and will not lead to a positive result.

Yes, there is. We already have the first beta, the first customers and after ICO we plan to launch the product on the market.

The solution of the product is unique. However, it can be said that such companies as Bancor, TENx, Monetha, UTrust, STK, Visa and MasterCard are our competitors. The fact is that when developing the product we put in it functions for business, such as CRM, product catalog, BI, marketing module and HR, and others. None of the competitors has such a functional as we have. Also, we will bring out the commercial version of the product earlier than our competitors.