First legal payment crypto coin

BEEQB announce the next level of world economic - multi currency backed payment coin with bulletproof legal protection


Developed infrastructure
Multi currency wallet and exchange, payment plug-in and virtual terminal, real bank service and US licensed money provider

Multi Currency
Pay and get payments in any currency what you have or what you want to have. Pay with card, utility or security tokens

All features licensed
The world's first startup which already have license for trading, exchanging, saving security assets and Money Transmission

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Money built for the
next level economics

BEE - the world's first low volatility multi currency backed coin
with developed infrastructure for every of us

Fully backed

BEE is an index currency (like S&P500) whose rate is much more resistant to changes in market conditions. At the same time active trading on its own exchange provides a projected increase in value.

Legally protected

BEEQB is the world's first crypto solution licensed by the Money Transmitted II and a banking license. This combination guarantees customers the highest level of security.


Low volatility

BEE is a port in a storm for the world’s investors to ride out market volatility without the need to extract holdings into fiat currency and incur expensive fees and taxes.

BEEQB deal main needs of market

The main need of the fiat market, the possibility of transfer to various recipients and payment in favor of third parties. When paying for third parties, it is necessary to take into account that this payment comes from the sale of cryptocurrency. This need can not be satisfied by any European or American banks. When withdrawing funds from the sites, the funds must pass through the client’s current account and form a taxable base. In fact, it is necessary to have a bank capable of servicing calculations for the token and the “platform” on which this token will be located - and carry out payments by order of the client at different addresses (not using the current account).

The most successful decision to create a token issued by the bank itself with the possibility of a round-the-clock quotation and a platform at which it will circulate, including in European and American markets.

Product Cooperation

Merchant Service
Brokerage service
Underwriter service
Wallet service
Point of Sales service
Loyalty program
CRM service

Built for individuals

Who: Private clients will experience an incredible level of financial freedom, with the most extensive service and access to funds.

How: The expansion of the partners network and the integration BEE into existing payment platforms (such as Visa and MasterCard) will base an effective world wide system of financial relations.

No matter where you are or what procedure you want to make, BEEQB will provide your payments with the safest, cheapest and fastest way.

Corporates & service providers

Who: BEEQB is designed for corporates & service providers eager to receive payments with multi currencies but unwilling to take the market risk related to payment currency.

How: BEEQB allows anyone receiving cryptocurrency payments to exchange their holdings into a fully transparent and legally enforceable coin backed by physical reserves, shares, coins and tokens. By loading your BEE on a physical wallet integrating NFC technology, you will be able to pay or receive payments using BEE coins.

International payments

One world, one currency, one limit - your wish. Quickest payments with less then 2s payment confirmation.

Payment anonymity

All payments even with fiat are anonymity. All payments even third parties are legally protected.

Payable VS Stable

Stop shaking for money. Money safe, not freeze.

Low volatility but 
predictable growing

BEE - cryptocurrency emitted by the bank, which is backed by all bank's assets, including fiat and crypto currencies, shares, stocks, bonds, derivatives, precious metals, debentures and others. Low volatility price will be provided by a narrow spread in trading pairs. And the progressive growth of an asset is directly dependent on the accumulated funds in customer accounts.

Lending, saving and trading
are profitable

We develop a currency that has a set of unique qualities (low volatility, projected growth, secured solvency, indexality), the combination of which will make BEE become low-risk tools for investment and savings. It should be noted that these qualities are designed to make the BEE one of the basic trading currencies. The effectiveness of a currency as an investment will be determined by a balanced investment portfolio.

Speedy transaction with 
high security protection

Multi thread blockchain technology has a unique function of double-checking a transaction that ensures the highest transaction confirmation speed (less then 2s), with almost zero transaction fee. Our technology provides an increased level of security when making deals, since transactions are “returnable” and do not allow the use of “stolen” funds. To make a payment, there is no need to have access to the Internet at the buyer.

Pay and get payments outside the platform and third parties

atomic swaps or exchange points are no longer necessary. You are a bank customer and can make payments in any currency available to you. Just, specify the currency of the recipient's account and we will make the payment in the required currency on the same day.

Any fintech company
can be onboard

BEEQB is an open platform for implementation of its solutions and integration into its own. Comprehensible API and high level of data security ensures the safety of user data. We welcome and encourage any development of new solutions that use BEEQB technology.

Use BEE even there,
where no chance for crypto

Combining the real and cryptocurrency financial worlds is one of the main tasks of the BEEQB's technological stack. The BEEQB's team is making sure that cryptocurrency becomes an integral part of the global money ecosystem. When you making payments to your suppliers and partners in BEE, be sure that each token is backed with real funds in a real bank.

BEEQB Infrastructure

The bridge between the worlds can be destroyed by market manipulations, and can be strengthened by infrastructure solutions.


Highly featured crypto exchange with free listing and market making service, NOFEE* trading and amazing team.

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US & Singapore licensed

The US federal and MAS (Singapore) license for the exchange, storage and transfer of funds protects our clients from claims by local regulatory authorities.


Bank License

A banking license will allow BEEQB to significantly expand the range of services provided, add secure tokens to trading on BeeX. And create the most powerful infrastructure for the development of the economy of tomorrow.


Brokerage Service

Will allow to provides services for transactions in prices of securities and security tokens on the exchange.

Underwriting Service

Provides services for the production and placement of shares and security tokens for their clients. With cooperation with bank this is a high-quality bundle of services for the issuance of securities, which will provide a full package of services for publishing and listing the price of securities and tokenized assets.

Merchant Service

Provides a service for receiving and payments in favor of its customers.
This cooperation will reduce the fees for depositing funds on the stock exchange to 0%.

Cooperation benefits

BEEQB already has a starter kit of products and licenses. Following the roadmap we will progressively come to market leadership and stand in a row with the largest players in the modern financial world.

The bridge between real and digital economy

BEEQB is probably the only project that can simplify trans-border cooperation and real freedom of movement of capital.

New era of private money

To become so large, stable and reliable that global corporations want to make payments in BEE is a dream that we will realize.


BEE is a new remedy of payment, which is backed by the bank's investment assets. Bulletproof way to create a financial agent for the whole world.









Direct ownership of fiat equivalent amount Yes NA No NA
Full Transparency Yes NA No NA
Segregation of assets Yes Yes No Yes
Protection in case of bankruptcy Yes NA No NA
Holdings in physical banknotes Yes Yes No No
Audit track record Yes Yes No Yes
Issue of coins only when covered by reserves Yes NA No NA
Anonymity of ownership and payments Yes No No No
Multicurrency payments Yes No No NA
Payments in native currency Yes No No No
Payments in favor of third parties Yes No No NA
Payments infrastructure Yes No No No
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More than two years we make global research to find the best crypto solutions that collaborate real market with the world of digital assets. And we find it.

  • BeeX launched

    We launched fully functional exchange platform with crypto wallet. We implemented best practice of trading for the trading experience,
  • Money Transmitted II received

    US based Federal license "Money Transmitted II" is received but not active. There needs some revenue for license activation. But current step is done.
  • Bank purchased

    For now we choose a bank for purchasing, and we are ready to make this step only needed money will collected.
  • BEE Coin on market

    We have amazing strategy to create even better coin then ever before.
    Multi thread blockchain technology and bank's license helps us to improve our aspiration.

$300,000 collected

1. BeeX is TOP-50
2. Profitability up to 10k per day
3. 92% will be invested in liqudity providing
4.  8% will be reserved for the development of new functionality and infrastructure of the exchange
5. ROI - 5-6 months

$700,000 collected

1. Money Transmitted II is active
2. BeeX is TOP-30
3. Profitability up to 20k per day
4. 90% will be invested in the consolidation of the exchange and the occupation of increasingly high positions in the ratings
5. 10% - infrastructure and maintenance
6. ROI 5-6 months

$1,500,000 collected

1. BeeX is TOP-20
2. Profitability of up to 30k per day
3. Development of an integrated and stand alone crypto-acquiring module (including invocing) for implementation in TOP-20 retail and eCommence products. Which will allow global business very quickly, and legal to start accepting a crypt as a payment with the possibility of instant transformation into Fiat and withdrawal to a bank account.
4. 75% will be invested in the consolidation of the exchange and the occupation of increasingly higher positions in the ratings.
5. 15% reserved for merchant services
6. 10% - infrastructure and maintenance
7. ROI 5-6 months

$6,500,000 collected

1. Bank purchased
2. BeeX is TOP-20
3. Profitability of up to 40k per day
4. BeeWallet is bank license backed
5. BeeWallet Corp the first crypto wallet for B2B market
6. ROI 5-6 months

$10,000,000 collected

1. BeeX the world's first exchange for Security Tokens trading
2. Profitability of up to 100k per day
3. Almost 100,000 companies use BeeWallet and BeeX
4. BEE coin launched
5. BEE listed on the biggest exchange
6. ROI 8-9 months

$20,000,000 collected

We will create a completely new international payment processor for real business and eCommerce with a centralized loyalty program. And every customer will be able to buy at the best prices, even where he has never bought before.
ROI - 3-4 years

$30,000,000 collected

This amount, in our opinion, is necessary in order to make the BEE one of those coins that are in the portfolio of each professional investor and trader.
ROI - 9-11 months

More then $30,000,000 collected

BEEQB its huge idea which can change the world's financial market. And every collected dollar we invest to the BEEQB market growth. BEEQB love crypto and crypto has a chance to be a next level of economy.


BEEQB works with many experts from different sectors of business.
One thing unites us all - the desire to create something new.

Sergey Glukhota
Roman Kumalagov
Dmitriy Lyamenkov
New Market Development Manager
Roman Karimov
Investments relations
Andrey Ignatov
PR director
Alexey Strelnikov
Trading director
Alex Korganov
Mass media expert
Olga Berezinchuk
Katya Barrow
Communication manager
Stefen Gold
Neural network development Advisor
Michael Spoerri
Customer Relationship Advisor
Dimitriy Goustchinski
Trading Strategic Advisor
Aleksandr Stepanov
Retail Integration Advisor

Investment algorithm

If you ready to join us, pls, ready it carefully.

Dear investors. The BEEQB team draws your attention to the fact that we are selling a 20% stake of the company at the current investment round. This means that each investor will become the owner of the company and will receive dividends of up to 20% of the company's profits. Also, please note that by becoming an investor you will receive legally issued preferred shares.

The current investment strategy is to collect the necessary resources to implement our ideas and quickly capture market share through aggressive marketing and create the necessary price-reasonable products.

“We want everyone to be financially independent and secure”
Step #1: Choose your investment plan

BEEQB offers investors three types of investments:

  • Loan agreement: We are interested in raising funds for the exchange liquidity providing. We want to offer you to invest funds under the loan agreement up to 20%/year in cryptocurrency and 5%/year in fiat currency.
  • Purchase of shares of the company: This option is suitable for professional investors who are interested in long-term partnership and want to take part in the management of the company.
  • Resource Investing: We strive to follow the declared roadmap. Therefore, with great pleasure we will accept the offer of resource investment. This means that we are ready to accept as an investment services for product development and marketing, company stocks, and so on.

We believe that BEEQB is a necessary tool for a modern economy. And for its implementation we are ready to cooperate with a wide range of partners. Offer us your conditions and we will come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Step #2: Choose your amount plan

The faster you decide to invest in the BEEQB, the less price you will pay. We divided 20% of the sold share into 10 equal parts at 2%. At each new stage, the share price is growing.

It looks like:

  • First 2% stake - $1,000,000
  • Second 2% stake - $1,500,000
  • Third 2% stake - $2,000,000
  • Fourth 2% stake - $2,500,000
  • Fifth 2% stake - $3,000,000
  • Sixth 2% stake - $3,500,000
  • Seventh 2% stake - $4,000,000
  • Eighth 2% stake - $4,500,000
  • Ninth 2% stake - $5,000,000
  • Tenth 2% stake - $5,500,000

However, we reserve for early investors the right to purchase the company's share at a discount of 25% of the current price.
Example: An early investor bought part of the first stack in the amount of $100,000, then decided to buy the sixth stack. $3.5M price of the sixth stack. The investor will pay $2.75M for this stack (3.5M-25% = 2.75M).

Step #3: Applying White list form

By filling out the WhiteList form you agree to research information about you for inclusion in the list of investors. If you make a mistake in filling out the form, you can write to us about it.

Step #4: Be ready to deposit 10% from invested sum

After filling WhiteList form, you must make a deposit of 10% of the invested amount. The minimum investment amount is $10,000 (the minimum deposit is $1,000). Only the fact of depositing is subject to your initiative to become a BEEQB investor. In the case of a negative decision to include you in the list of investors, you will be refunded a deposit in full volume.

The term of consideration of your application does not exceed 3 working days from the moment of filling WhiteList form. After reviewing your application, we will be sent to your email with the status of your application.

If after making a deposit you decide not to participate in investing, your deposit will also be refunded.

Step #5: Be ready to apply KYC/AML

Every investor undergoes the procedure KYC / AML. Only after passing through this procedure, you will be able to deposit the remaining amount of the investment.

Step #6: Be ready to charge another 90% oа investment amount

Each investor has the right to choose the investment amount. The acquired share is calculated based on the total funded investment amount.

Step #7: Shares and Devidents

Every investor will be given access to the investor’s office, for monitoring changes in the company's financial indicators, will be able to participate in voting for key company decisions, (such as: annual budget, M&A, spending extrabudgetary funds, etc.) as part of his share.

The charter of the parent company assumes reserving one seat on the board of directors for a holder or group of shareholders with a volume of 10%. This means that, obediently, current round investors can delegate 2 people to the company's board of directors.

Also, current round investors have the right to tokenize their own assets and trade them on the open market. The decision on tokenization of assets is made by a simple majority.

Investors have the right to submit their recommendations, get acquainted with the minutes of fees of the board of directors and participate in the board of directors as observers.

Having delegated his right to represent his interests to one of the participants of the current round, the investor has the right to put forward a proposal for re-election of a representative on the board of directors. The rules for the exercise of such rights are established by current round investors independently.

Dividends from the company's commercial activities are charged once a year, unless otherwise provided by the company's board of directors.

Investors in the current round have a priority right to receive dividends from the company's commercial activities.

We invite you to join our
Private Sale White List

or buy BEE with ETH or BTC and start trading write now

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a BEE coin?

This is a cryptocurrency based on the Multi Thread Blockchain technology. Currently, there is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. After the launch of the cryptocurrency, all the BEE tokens will be exchanged for the BEE coin.

Do you have some investor's dashboard?

Yes we do. Each investor will get access to the personal account after the end of the current round.

Why I should invest in early stage?

Because you will pay the least cost per share.

Where your company registered?


Does BEE coin stable coin?

BEE coin is payable, indexed coin which backed by all bank's assets.

What's investments currencies?

We accept next coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO; Tokens: BEE, DAI, TUSD. Exchange rate by CryptoCompare (BEE by BeeX highest rate)

What's different with BEE Token & BEE Coin?

BEE Token - is Ethereum based ERC-20 token. BEE coin - is a cryptocurrency. Both assets will accept as payment till the end.

Can I refund deposited funds?

Yes, you can, anytime

Can I sell purchased shares on the second hand market?

No, you can't. You can sell only some derivatives. Because all the shares will be distributed only after the end of the round.

Some info about BEE?

Total supply: 58,750,000. Decimals: 8. Standart: ERC20. Re-issuable: NO. Check here

If I invest now, when I get my stakes?

You will get the right to accrue profits immediately after the acquisition of a share.

Can I buy only BEE?


Do you have soft and hard cap?

The soft cap is $300,000. The hard cap is $33,500,000. Back to Roadmap, pls.